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ArmDict is a free, multilingual, online dictionary, which is designed for students, professionals, researchers and readers of the Armenian language in broad areas.

ArmDict helps you to find fast and easy ways to translate words.

By the end of 2014, the ArmDict will include the following dictionaries:

1. Armenian-English Glossary - 39,000 words
2. English-Armenian Glossary - 23,000 words
3. Foreign words in the Dictionary - 12,000 words
4. Armenian-Russian Dictionary - 52,000 words
5. Language Synonyms Dictionary - (in process)
6. Cuisine Dictionary (in process)
7. Russian-Armenian Dictionary - (in process)
8. German-Armenian Dictionary - (in process)
9. French-Armenian Dictionary - (in process)
10. Turkish-Armenian Dictionary (in process)
11. Italian-Armenian Dictionary - (in process)

In order to make your education and employment activities more efficient, we have developed the online ArmDict dictionary available not only on computers but on mobile devices as well.

ArmDict dictionaries are designed and maintained by Web workshop 5165 m, who's staff consistently expands the lexicon, as well as updates and improves the software.

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